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What will you be doing?

Pick'n'Mixx will be making sure that your evening is one to remember,  we are constantly analysing the energy of the dancefloor and using our experience, programming the music to match (as well as influence) the natural ebb and flow each event has.

Will I get the music I want?

It’s your party and we are here to play the music you love. We actively encourage you to compile a playlist that encompasses your event.

Will you talk over the microphone during my event?

We do not talk unnecessarily on the microphone, there is nothing worse, but will happily make any announcements you require. 

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and have Public Liability Insurance for £1M (often required by venues before we’re even allowed to set foot in the door)

Can we meet you before the event ?

Absolutely, we will want to meet you before the booking to run through a few things before the big event, it’s our unique way of saying thank you for booking with us.

Why should I book Pick'n'Mixx to DJ for my event?

Pick'n'Mixx are unique and concentrate on the needs of you and your event, we offer exceptional rates and we have a vast experience in all types of scenarios yet are always friendly and professional throughout your event. We have been working in face to face roles for thirty years and understand the importance of first impressions. We understand that social media and word of mouth is key to this business, so you will not be disappointed.

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