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Welcome to Pick'n'Mixx.


Realising that there is a need for a company that were answering modern couples requirements for entertainment and production and dispelling the myth of the cheesy wedding DJ.


Pick'n'Mixx was launched in 2021 with the ultimate aim to be your first choice DJ for many years to come.


Outstanding customer service and attention to detail is at the core of everything Pick'n'Mixx does with a hint of cheekiness.


We are always looking to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business, and with this in mind, We have carefully selected and brought only the best equipment and music library to date. This company has been three years in the making before an actual launch, We need everything to be perfect. Lockdown also helped us to really make our dream a reality.

We LOVE music and while a big fan of old Skool Ibiza tracks, We tend to listen to everything with a beat. We also have a collection of over 500,000 tracks using DJ pools and sites such as BPM Supreme. 

Our outstanding reputation and consistency is key to delivering stunning events at all times, no matter what size venue and event.

We love what we do. We are not one of these DJ's who is only interested in home time. We will normally be the first to arrive and the last to leave.​


We really are not afraid to play anything, we can play anything from Justin Bieber to Rednex. If you want it, we will play it !


There’s something for everyone, why settle for an average disco when you can have a real party!


Once the booking has been made, we will arrange a visit to you (If requested) to make sure we have everything right on the special day. This way, we can also draw up a playlist and anything else that you may want us to help and support you with.​

We have a £1 million Public & Products Liability, and Employers insurance, and can provide this on request. Usually the venue would like to see these certificates.

Our aim is to give such an amazing evening that you'll never book any other DJ ever again.

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